Wednesday, July 30, 2003

I got my hair cut today. I'm not crazy about it though. It looks butchered. Every time I get my hair cute, I hate it and vow to always keep it one length. But this time I thought I would get layers to help lighten it up. Yeah right. I have the hair of 4 people. So every layer is thick, thus looking chunky. ICK. To make matters worse, with each pregnancy, my hair goes curlier. If I have another baby after this one, I am worried that I will have an afro.

Monday, July 28, 2003

I had my first pregnancy dream last night. I dreamt that I had a baby boy. He was plump and healthy. But after I gave birth to him, I kept forgetting about him because I was so busy taking care of the other kids. I left him asleep in the bassinet in my bedroom figuring that somebody in the house would take care of him and I slept with my 3 year old on the couch downstairs. Nice mom, eh? Maybe I subconsciously worry that I won't have enough time to properly take care of my new baby. hmm.

Sunday, July 27, 2003

What a poopy day! It was one of those humid cloudy days. I woke up to Campbell's poopy diaper. He is working on toilet training, but is quite happy to wear a diaper to bed. Then when I was outiside with the kids, we found that a cat had pooed in their playground area (the ground there is covered with pine bark). I cleaned that up and had a major gag over it. Then I decided to clean up the dog poo area while I was at it. While I was marinating the mushrooms for dinner, Patrick had diarrhea and didn't make it to the toilet in time, for the second time in 3 days. I did some more gagging over that. So, I am doing a load of poopy laundry now and waiting for Matt to make dinner.