Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Patrick!

Wow, that was quick. My firstborn turns 15 today. Sniff. Patrick is such an easy going guy, he's always been such a good kid. As he gets older, he makes us proud every day. He is smart and extremely compassionate. Sometimes I feel like he is my own Jiminy Cricket. And he's developed a great sense of wit.

His birthday began with a lot of pain (much the way my day began 15 years ago). He had a headache and sinus pain but he seems to be feeling better now. Still not much fun though. It is a night of hockey practices (practices for him, Campbell and dryland for Damon) so we won't have much time to have a meal together as a family so we are postponing his birthday dinner until tomorrow. I'll make him a little carrot cake with caramel drizzled over it, just so we have something to stick a candle in.