We have a mixed flock of egg-laying breeds, including 2 Buff Brahma roosters, 2 Ameraucana roosters, 1 Buff-laced Polish rooster, 7 Buff Catalana hens, 7 Barred Rock hens, 7 Ameraucana hens of Assorted colours, 4 Buff Chantecler hens, 1 Black Silkie hen and 6 barnyard mix hens.   Some individuals have names, some do not.  The main flock have an enclosed yard, but on nice days, I like to let them free-range.  

I love my rainbow eggs.

This was supposed to be a hen named "Snow White", but when he turned out to be a rooster, his name was altered to "Snowman".

This is my favourite rooster, "Combs".  He was a gentle beauty, I miss him.

"Easter", an Ameraucana hen who jumps the fence and comes to get me whenever anybody in the coop needs food or water.  When I am on my way to the coop, she runs around my feet excitedly chatting.

"Brownie" was born in a classroom incubator, but hid a clutch of eggs in a mock orange bush.  She was an excellent mother of 17.  

"Sunshine", a Buff Chantecler, was a science fair experiment, hatched on the kitchen table.

"Sunshine" all grown up.

I love the polish girls.


"Jack and Jill"

Baby "Rodney".


Current inventory:

2008 hatch
Cleo (Ameraucana)
Hawkeye (Ameraucana)
3 Barnevelders
7 Buff Catalanas
3 Buff Chanteclers
1 Barred Rock

Sunshine (Buff Chantecler)hatched on kitchen table

6 Barred Rock
3 Ameraucana
Snowman (Ameraucana)
Easter (Ameraucana)
Miss T (PolishXAmeraucana)
Goldie (AmeraucanaXBuff Brahma)
Sandy (Buff Brahma Rooster)

Baby Gigi (Ameraucana)
Vulture (AmeraucanaXBuff Brahma)
O.J. (Barred RockXBuff Brahma)
Moneyboy (AmeraucanaXBuff Brahma)
Spiderman (AmeraucanaXBuff Brahma)

Ordered Buff Laced Polish, Delawares and Jersey Giants.

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