Wednesday, November 09, 2005

How do the elves do it?

I'm stumped. I just received the Christmas assignments from my Aunt Lynn. My dad's family draws names and makes gifts for each other. The gifts are incredibly thoughtful and well-made. They are a reflection of how creative and talented those people really are. So there is obvious pressure to keep up with the Joneses, or Oldershaws as the case may be.

Everybody always wants Matt to make for them. He can make dinosaurs fossils for their walls. Easy. Last year, poor Brian, brilliant lawyer that he is, had a bit of trouble reading the list, and Matt ended up receiving a lovely pair of silver earrings. Matt thought it was hilarious and wasn't disappointed at all.

I made for Miche who had just moved to Nova Scotia where they have awful winter storms. I made her a snuggly fleece blanket for two. This year, I am making for her husband, my Uncle Reed. What to do, what to do?

Patrick used a paddle to make hooks for my sister Marni last year. He had Matt screw hooks into the shaft, he traced her name on the blade and had Matt carve it and then he did a paint wash on the letters. This year, he makes for my 9 year old cousin, Aidan.

Damon made for Aidan last year. He made him a "Top Secret" case. The lock on the side is an alarm that goes off if you open it without the key. It is loud and obnoxious, and of course the boys all loved it. This year he makes for my cousin Mark who is twentysomething. We need some real help with this one!

Campbell is making for my cousin Lindsay who I'm going to guess is 19 or 20. I have an idea of something cool he can do for her with minimal help, but I'm always open to more ideas!

My brain is already hurting from taking the kids to the rink every day (and peeling 3 younger ones off of the ceiling beams while we are there), outwitting mice, selling cookie dough for the hockey team and all the daily grind of raising 4 kids and a nutty puppy (who has finally stopped spilling his bodily fluids on my carpeting). I beg you to offer me any suggestions you have! Please?????

Monday, November 07, 2005

Goofing around

Cheesy smiles.
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Kira looking up to her handsome big brother.
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Damon adores Kira. He has a knack for cheering Kira up and getting her excited about things. Actually he is a great motivator for other kids too. I think he could be a great teacher and coach someday. Proof that coaching is in the genes.