Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Dead Rats

Since Wicket was killed in August, the rats have moved back into the barn. Boy do I miss that cat. At the end of August, Matt put out poison bait stations which started working last week. I found one dead rat outside the chicken coop on Monday and on Saturday there was another one in the chicken yard. There is one job I don't do. I don't do dead animals, I change poopy diapers, clean up animal poop, vomit, you name it, but I leave dead animals to Matt and Damon. I feel like I did my time when I worked for 4 years as a veterinary assistant through high school. Damon threw the dead ones into the ditch. Today I found what appears to be a dead baby rat inside the chicken coop. Little Griffin (almost 3) says very clearly, "S'okay Mommy, Damon can trow it in da ditch wit it's mommy and daddy. Den dey can be a happy dead rat family." Awwww, so sweet.