Thursday, April 14, 2005

Animal House

It has been a little while since I last updated. I have been running around like crazy this week. We are getting our roof done, which has thrown the house itself into turmoil. They had to strip 100 years worth of shingles and put new plywood and shingles on. That's a lot of mess and a lot of hammering.

Puck is not happy with the situation. They have used his "bathroom" area as a place to store roofing nails. So he won't use it and he refuses to pee or poop on the grass. So I walk him and walk him and he doesn't go. He convinces me that he doesn't need to go pee. I take him in the front door and he runs to the backdoor and pees in front of it! ARGH. Or worse, he runs to the backdoor and poops. I take him out to finish, and he doesn't. We get back inside again and he goes again! Not his fault, but still frustrating.

To make matters worse, Matt's buddy is staying with us this week, which means that the boys get all wound up (especially the biggest boy). It is like trying to raise 4 kids in a frat house.

Last night the 2 men took some beers out to the roofers. They all sat in the backyard and drank them. The kids and the dog all wanted to go out with them, so I asked Matt if that was okay and he said yes he would watch them. It all seemed fine, except I could hear them downstairs coming in. "Where's Kira? Has anybody seen Kira?" "oh she's still outside." Great, the 1 year old is out alone. Then the men and Damon went out to Patrick's hockey tryouts.

As soon as they left, Puck threw up some rather interesting items. The undigested dog food wasn't surprising, but I was surprised to see 2 wads of gum. I figured that the gum had made him throw up and that was all there was to that. nuh uh. He throws up again, this time there are leaves in it. Bulb leaves actually. I go outside to see what kind of leaves, are missing and my best guess is Daffodils. ok, well those are poisonous. Not good. He keeps throwing up 10 more big piles. I didn't realize that his little belly could hold such quantities of poisonous leaves and kibble. If it wasn't so gross, and I hadn't already worn myself out cleaning up his pee and poo, I might be more impressed. Then the diarrhea the backhall.

The boys called to share the news that Patrick has made the cut (I'll post more about that later), and I share my news about Puck. I ask what exactly he ate outside and they tell me a chunk of rubber. Ummm no, wrong answer. I ask which poisonous plant the puppy ate. They don't know. I explained to my darling husband that I don't let the puppy outside alone for that sort of reason. He is a baby and lacks the sensibility not to kill himself out there. Just for fun, I ask about the gum.

Matt "Patrick where did the dog get gum?"
Patrick "Kira must have given him hers."
Me "ohh of course, but what was the BABY doing with gum?"

Anyway, the dog emptied himself out and showed no ill-effects today. He is still having bathroom issues. My husband is still acting like a 17 year old. But my roof is breath-taking.