Monday, April 08, 2013

Clarabelle's departure and grown up kittens

Clarabelle finally found her forever home.  A lovely couple had adopted a calf and raised him as a pet.  But recently they have found that he seems lonely and they were looking for a livestock companion for him.  It was obvious that they dote on their animals and I think that they are going to love sweet Clarabelle very much.  We are hoping that Clarabelle and Ringo hit it off too!

Clarabelle is grazing as she waits for her new owner to pick her up.
Clarabelle looks very happy with her new owner!

 The kittens are full-time barn cats now.  They are still ridiculously friendly with all people, goats, and chickens and any dog that is not coming at them with "that look" in his eye.  Captain Crunch is still the mellow and emotionally dependent one.  Bullet is the hyper-affectionate and adventurous one.

Captain Crunch can't get close enough to the camera lens.
Bullet returns from a hunting trip.