Monday, March 05, 2007

Hanna has her eye on you...

...even when she's sleeping.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Vater ist zu seinem Mutterland gegangen

Matt left for Germany today. He is there for the whole month. It was very difficult for him to leave this time. He is going to miss the kids and they made it obvious how much they will miss him.

Selling the house will have to wait another month.

Campbell's Playoff Game #3

It was a tearjerker. After the other team scored their second goal and crashed into the net (and Campbell), Campbell was crying out there. Then when his own teammate kicked it into his net, he fell apart. Other than a couple of kids, the rest of the team was not putting in much of an effort. One of the coaches asked the kids on the bench, "Who is here to play hockey?" Only one boy put up his hand. The final score was 7-0. Campbell is rethinking his plans of playing in net for a summer rep team. *PHEW*

In other action, Damon's team tied another game 4-4. Damon was on the ice for every goal that his team scored and was on for 2 of the goals against. Campbell's coaches came to watch Damon's game.

Patrick Playoff Games #3 & 4

Game 3 had to be rescheduled due to poor weather conditions on Thursday. It was a very evenly matched game and the results showed that, it ended in a 3-3 tie even after 5 minutes of overtime.

Now I know where the bad attitudes from the other team come from. I was standing near some of the fathers from the other team. While I was standing there, one of the moms marched over and said to one of the fathers, "Those parents are awful. They are over there calling Matthew's mom a bitch." I looked over to where she had come from sitting and none of our parents were near them and when I looked to see if there was interraction between the two camps there wasn't. I know that some of our parents are prone to getting worked up about poor refereeing at games, but this wasn't even happening, they were all avidly watching the game. I'll assume that the parents from the other team were just trying to stir things up. Having said that, I have had some lovely chats with a couple of their mothers. They have the maturity to see that we are all in this together and one even complained that she hates to see her son's team slashing our goalie.

Game 4 was a home game for us, but the referee was horrible. With a score of 2-1, he didn't count a goal that clearly went into their net, hit the back of the net and came back out. He didn't call many dirty hits and let the game get out of hand. The missed goal was a turning point in the game and our kids seemed to fall apart after that. The final score was 5-1.