Sunday, October 30, 2011

Farewell Penny

(photos by Lucky Mutt Photography)

We lost our dear friend Penny.

One morning she could not get up. We stood her up and she would just collapse again. She was weak, and finally one morning she could not even lift her head and breathed her last breath.

Daisy and Lily cried for a few hours.

A photo taken by us on the day Penny arrived here.

She was such a shy and gentle goat. And she was even wise. We weren't sure of her age when we got her in 2009, but based on the educated guesses of others, we thought she was about 10.  It was obvious by her demeanor that she had seen rough treatment and had not experienced a lot of attention before, so as she slowly learned to trust me I repeatedly promised her that I would always protect her and keep her safe. We bought her hoping that she would produce a doeling, and she gave us 2 beautiful healthy doelings.  She was a wonderful mother, which was good because I was an incredibly nervous first-time goat owner.  Even though she was shy with strangers, she encouraged her daughters to be social and would peek her head out of the barn door just to make sure they were being treated kindly. 

(photos by Lucky Mutt Photography)
In her last days, I offered Penny food and water by hand, rolled her daily to prevent sores and she seemed very grateful for my efforts.  I just hope that I did all I could to fulfill my promise to her.  Rest in peace dear friend.