Thursday, April 19, 2007


Little Hanna is now over 5 months old! At her last appointment she weighed a mere 13 lbs 3 oz, but she was a very long 27 inches. Not only does she look a lot like Patrick, but she is built like him. She is an absolute joy. She really wants to be one of the big kids. She is curious about the world, but still loves to be held and will gladly snuggle against my shoulder or lean her cheek in to be kissed.
Kira is busy. She is excited about moving and talks about it all the time. She holds up cans of Campbell's Soup and says "Mommy, can we pack this for the new house?" Or she asks, "Mommy, will Puck be at our new house?" The boys all had a good laugh when she asked, "Can we bring Hanna to the new house? Should we put her in a box?"
Campbell is doing fine. He is excited to be in the community soccer league again. He will be playing with his friends from school and most importantly his best friend. He is fiercely competitive, and the league is a little bit too tame for him and his buddy, but his friend is going to Japan for part of the summer and we are moving, so they would both miss a good part of the competitive soccer league's season. So we look forward to another spring of watching the 2 of them dominating the game. He is training very hard for cross country and taking it VERY seriously.
Damon is much much happier at school now. When he returned to the French Immersion program, he had a wonderful teacher who was full of enthusiasm. Just what he needed. Then the regular teacher returned from her maternity leave and she has proven to be a very understanding and knowledgeable teacher. Damon is blossoming as a result. He enjoys his tutoring sessions at the Dyslexia Resource Centre and is working well. Damon's hockey season ended with him playing his heart out, but the rest of the team did not do so well and they finished in last place. Now he moves on to field lacrosse. Usually he plays box lacrosse which is indoors, but the season usually goes into August and we don't know what our moving plans are. Field lacrosse has a much shorter season and will be done by the end of May. We are a bit concerned that there isn't a lacrosse team close to where we are moving, hopefully if we ask around at the native reserve we can find some sort of lacrosse for him to play.
Patrick is doing well in school and sports. His team had an end of season party at Great Wolf Lodge and I took everybody and we had lots of fun. He is playing on a spring tournament team for hockey. He is training for spring cross country and the track and field season is just around the corner too. Patrick left last night for a week at Grandpa's house. He is staying there with Matt so that he can try out for the hockey team out there. Making this team would be a dream come true for Patrick. In our current city, Patrick is a pretty awesome hockey player at the very top level of play and his coaches said that they would pick him for their team again this year. However, where we are moving, hockey is even more competitive and the team he is trying out for has been very successful for the past 3 years. We don't imagine that it will be easy to make this team, but if he performs at his best, it is possible. They have 4 tryouts before they make any cuts, so this next week will be very nerve-wracking for all concerned. Personally, I can barely eat or sit still. (Don't worry, I have my reserves, I'm not wasting away just yet)
Matt returned from his month in Germany, and he was glad to be home. All day, Matt is busy trying to organize the company's move, and then he comes home and searches for houses for us on the internet. I'm sure he'll be relieved when the move is complete.
And me, I feel like a ball of stress. We jumped from playoffs to tryouts. Between packing, cleaning and painting, the house is torn apart and I need to get it ready to sell NOW. I haven't even wrapped my head around the thought of moving, I'm still stressed about the thought of selling.
And Puck is doing well too. He and Hanna are turning out to be great friends. She loves to grab his ears and hug him. I have to mention that he is LOVING his new diet. He is eating ORIJEN food and for the first time since we brought him home 2 years ago, he is finishing everything in his bowl and harrassing me for more! The whole concept of feeding dogs meat makes sense to me, and it is definitely agreeing with him, he's put on some weight, his coat looks great, his gas problem has passed (pun intended), and his messes are much easier to clean up.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"Hello Mother Robin, I like your wings."