Thursday, December 16, 2004

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Buddie the cat came back. He went missing on Monday. It has been really cold here and I was getting worried about him. He came home tonight smelling of cigarettes and cheap perfume. What a naughty cat! I had to bathe him because I couldn't stand the smell of him.

That caused my asthma to flare up. So I figured that while I was at it, I might as well bathe the other cat to help my allergies. Not a good plan. My doctor is right, my cat allergies are getting worse. I had to talk the kids into lying down with me and I refreshed Damon's memory on dialing 9-1-1. The steroids eventually kicked in and the kids all fell asleep.

My eye is getting better. I used some antihistamine eye drops and tried to sleep it off. It was a bit better this morning, less red, but still really sensitive to light. So i bought some cheap dark sunglasses and drove all over the city doing Christmas shopping.

Oh and the cat's breath is soooo stinky!!!! What on earth did the sleazy smoking woman feed him?

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I finally got the news I've been waiting for! Puppies are HERE! 10 of them! Becca had 6 baby girls and 4 baby boys, all of them solid liver. And the best part is that one of them is ours!

I took Kira to the doctor's today for her recheck. Her ears and lungs are fine, but she is still pretty congested. I have been having problems with my eyes since monday morning though and I need to go back to the hospital later this afternoon. On Sunday night, I made the mistake of falling asleep with Kira with my clothes on, and worse, my contacts in. I woke up in the night and took my contacts out, but my eyes were pretty irritated yesterday, so last night I put some eye drops in. That's when the real trouble started. This morning I woke up and my eyes were even more red and they are very weepy. When I drove to the doctor's office and the sun was in my eyes, I was blinded. It was scary. She says it is probably either keratosis or an allergic reaction to the eye drops. I tend to think it is the latter, but I still have to go in to the hospital outpatient clinic.