Saturday, December 11, 2010

An Idiot's Cat Tale

Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately, a recent wave of blog comment spam has been irritating me. That and sick kids. Kira was off school for more than a week with croup. Griffin started acting sick on Tuesday, his eyes were producing more snot than his nose! By Friday, the 2 girls and I took him into town to see the doctor, who pronounced that he had an ear infection, a sinus infection and even pneumonia. Hanna was just happy that Griff used up all of the appointment time and there was no chance for her to get her vaccinations. Then I picked up the boys from school and then we all came home. It was mayhem when we got here.

Here's the part where I feel like an idiot.

With the subzero temperatures we've been having lately, we've been bringing Wicket, the outdoor cat, indoors at night. When he wants in he puts his face against the window in our front entry. He always comes running to the door when we call him, even when he's over at the graveyard, he'll leave what he's doing and come. Better recall that most dogs I know (Puck, I know you always come EVENTUALLY, but Matt and I don't appreciate the extended early morning excursions). So early yesterday evening, when the snow was coming down sideways, I called him in. He didn't come. I asked Damon to try calling him. Nothing. We tried several times over the next few hours. Damon checked to see if he'd been locked into the goats' stall, the garage, the breezeway. I finally called the neighbour across the road to see if he had taken him in for us. "Haven't seen him. He'll be fine." Bedtime came, and still no Wicket.

When I woke up in the morning and he didn't have his face pressed against the window, I started to have a sinking feeling that something had happened to poor Wicket. On my way to tend to the goats and chickens, I checked the garage one last time and found that a chicken had strayed in and couldn't figure out that she couldn't get out through the window. When I was leaving the garage, I noticed something on the dashboard of my minivan. I looked over and there was Wicket, desperately trying to get my attention. I was relieved that he was okay, and even more miraculously, he hadn't used the interior of my van as a litterbox!