Tuesday, July 18, 2006

OB appointment

I am 1/2 lb less on their scales than I was on my family doctor's a month ago, but I told them that I know that I gained weight in the last month, that according to my scale at home, I've gained 4 lbs in 4 weeks. BP was 110/70 and uterus was measuring at 25 cm.

The nurse changed my due date from November 4th to October 29th, based on my ultrasounds and fundal heights. We both agreed that my due date isn't that important anyway, since I will likely give birth sometime in the first week of November anyway.

I was disappointed that my OB wasn't there, she was on vacation and there was another doctor covering for her. She was okay, but there wasn't much to discuss with her as she isn't even my OB and I have no problems or questions that she could answer. She remarked on how active this baby is.

Here I am trying to use the camera timer to get a belly shot, but Puck is trying to hog the camera. I took about a dozen photos, but you could only see ME in 3 of them! I think I've unwittingly trained him to pose for the camera.
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