Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Damon, the human crayon-maker!

Damon went for his annual check-up. He is healthy and growing well, but has been having a problem with his ear ever since last summer when he had swimmer's ear. I knew he had a problem with wax and dried up blood in there ever since, and he had started rubbing his ear in his sleep. I looked in it the day before his appointment and it was clogged. I asked the doctor to flush it. Damon was very brave as she stuck the tube into his ear. In an instant we heard a "CLUNK" as something fell into the bowl. The doctor blurted out, "What did you put in your ear?" Damon looks confused and just shrugs. I looked into the bowl and it looked like a 1 inch piece of a brown crayon. The doctor examined it a bit more and declared that it was impacted wax. The boy really couldn't hear me half the time! But now he has no excuse.