Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Damon!

Damon is growing up much too quickly! Where did my cuddly baby boy go? As much as I want to slow down the hands of time, I must say that he is growing into a really fascinating person. Damon is a strong and active boy on the outside with a sensitive and generous soul. He has a vast memory for facts. He is very artistic, besides being a great artist, he has an eye for art in every day life. And he has an amazing understanding and passion for wildlife. I can't wait to know the man that he will become!

Yesterday, Damon turned 9. We had a very busy day. After dropping the boys off at school we did grocery shopping. Then we picked up Damon and his friend from school and took them out for lunch at a local diner. After lunch, Kira and I made cupcakes at home for Damon's hockey team. We picked up the boys, came home for snacks. Damon had a few minutes to open a package full of goodies from Aunt Gayle and Uncle Lynn.

Then we were off to Damon's hockey practice. He had a great practice and was serenaded by his coaches and teammates in the dressing room. The "music" could be heard down the hallways of the arena complex. Yet another birthday spent at a hockey rink!

Damon really wanted to eat dinner out, and no takeout Swiss Chalet would do. We waited for Matt to get home and at 9:00 we were finally ready to go out for dinner at Montana's. He really wanted to wear the horns, but the singing wasn't as exciting as normal, because by that time at night there was only one waiter working. Damon was satisfied with his solo though.

Then we went home to sing 'Happy Birthday' and let him blow out a candle on his birthday. As you can see from the photo, it had been a long day by then!

Happy Birthday Damon!