Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Just what are the British teaching their schoolchildren?!

The Sun Online - News: Meet the kid sisters: "Moaning mum Julie last night insisted their school was to blame for them getting pregnant." Did she really say that? WTF?
I should have just listened to that inner-voice and stayed home and rested. By the time I left to come home, my eyes were burning into my brain (and all the other good stuff that comes with high fevers)and when I got home, I took my temperature and it was at 104 F.

At first the doctor wanted to treat me for a bacterial infection but when she remembered all my drug allergies and I told her that antibiotics scared me now, she decided to send me for a chest x-ray instead. It showed that my lungs were clear, so instead she is treating it like viral bronchitis and doubling up on my inhaled steroids and doing the rest and fluids thing.

Oh and instead of chasing her, I kept Kira in a stroller and let her scream. It was fun.

You know you're a burnt-out mom when...

you go 4 days with a fever, wheezing and cough, and then consider not seeing a doctor because the thought of dealing with your 5 year old and your 16 month old in a crowded waiting room is a worse fate than suffering at home with pneumonia.