Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Puck turns one!

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Today was a big day! Puck turned 1! He celebrated it amongst his adoring family.

Damon sat with him while Campbell brought in the "cake" (an end piece of Rollover). Kira gave him his gift (a brand new Kong). Patrick was certain that he was suddenly much more mature and not as hyper, because now he is an adult. Sure.

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Now he is happily chewing his Kong, lying in his armchair while I type.

A year ago today, I was obsessively checking emails, feeling foolish that I was secretly hoping that MY puppy would be born that day, the same day as my old dog Maddie's birthday, feeling even more foolish that I was secretly hoping this would bring me some sort of psychic connection to MY puppy (I know, I have watched too many episodes of The Pet Psychic). But he is that puppy I was dreaming of. He is beautiful, loving, so smart and playful too. He plays hard and sleeps soundly, loves my kids and adores me.

Happy Birthday Bronte, True, and the other 7 beautiful puppies born that day!

Monday, December 12, 2005

overheard during gingerbread house decorating...

Campbell: Can somebody move? I can't get close enough to put this candy on.
Damon: I know, it's too crowded here.
Patrick: Well you guys had better get used to it. It's like that in this house.
Damon: What? too crowded?
Patrick: Yep.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

I almost forgot this one.

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Puck does NOT enjoy wearing the reindeer antlers, but he loves his red ruffle and wants it on all the time.  He likes wearing sweaters and jackets too.  I think it makes him feel special.

Christmas card rejects

I am trying to finish up my Christmas cards.  I have had a really difficult time choosing a photo this year.  I took many pictures, but not one of them jumped out as THE ONE.  But here are a few that I briefly considered.
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Naughty or nice?

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Happy Howlidays?

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The stockings were hung but the chimney with care...
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Silent night?