Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Christmas 2007

Christmas came and went much too fast for me. Even though I did make all of us (yes, Matt made it clear that he thought I was insane to ask him to wear resulting girly pants) matching flannel pajamas and we managed to stay in them almost the whole day, we never found a chance to take that group photo. We were too busy celebrating, which I guess is important too.

We awoke to a tortured whine,"Can we go down now? Please?"

After a satisfactory amount of suffering by the boys, I poked the girls.
As you can see, my poking was not entirely successful.

Campbell is thrilled with his new safe. He only had 2 things on his list. A safe and a survival kit (which my brother gave him).Damon opens his waist-high stocking, my kids have ridiculously large stockings.
Patrick loves his flannel pants!
Kira, delighted with her new baby.