Thursday, April 24, 2008

Damon turned 10! He is a beautiful boy, ready to develop into a handsome man, much too quickly.

I can't believe that he is already in the double digits. Damon is really starting to mature. The teachers have been telling me that he has made great improvements at school, and he even won most improved player on his hockey team this year. He is really enjoying our new location. His favourite place in the whole world is the frog pond behind us. We often have "guest frogs" who come and live in the aquarium that he has set up for them. He always wants to keep them, but he does understand that it wouldn't be fair to the frogs.

Damon is a fun big brother. He is really good at keeping the girls entertained, although he occasionally finds it entertaining to tease Kira and watch her throw a fit. But lots of us are guilty of that.

For his birthday, Damon wanted to try the new chinese buffet (not the one Kira went to). He wanted to have a football game in our backyard for his birthday, but when I explained that the 3 feet of snow in our backyard might not make that possible, he opted for the birthday buyout. (Where they get a more expensive gift instead of a party with their friends) He got a PSP.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Princess Kira!

Back in January, Kira Jane turned 4. What a beautiful and intelligent girl she is turning out to be.

For her birthday dinner she wanted to go to "the japanese restaurant where you get your own food" which is the CHINESE buffet. The boys rejoiced and piled their plates full.
I signed Kira up for ballet and bought her ballet uniform for her. She LOVES her ballet class. And we have received many compliments on her PERFECT ballet bun. I always let them know that I feel a lot of pressure to get it just right, because it is the only time all week that Kira will actually let me touch her hair with a brush. I don't think they will let me get away with that excuse for much longer.
Kira is registered to begin school in September. She is more than ready for junior kindergarten. She is already beginning to read and write. And more importantly she WANTS to do it, chooses to do it. After 3 reading resistant pre-school boys, I think it will be a nice feeling to finally send a kid off to school already reading!

She is trying to decide what she wants to be when she grows up. She has moved past her plans of being a ballerina, and now it's a toss up between being a "doctor for everything" and a kindergarten teacher. If she teacher kindergarten, she will ask the kids, "What is your name sweet little miss?" and all of the kids will respond, "My name is junior." My mom had a good suggestion for her though, she should wait until she has at least started kindergarten before she makes her final decision.