Monday, January 28, 2008

Halloween 2007

Halloween wasn't the same this year. There is no way for the kids to walk around our neighbourhood, no sidewalks and huge distances from house to house. We were told that very few kids go out on our road, so we made up bags full of candy and other loot and set them out in a bowl on our front steps. We drove the kids into town to trick or treat. When we got home we found that NOBODY had taken any of the bags we put out.

This was the first year that Patrick was "too cool" to trick or treat. A sad milestone. I brought along a Zorro costume (mask, hat, cape, black pants, shoes and white dress shirt) JUST IN CASE. No pressure. He wouldn't budge on it, so we made him sit in the van while the other kids went out.

Anyway, here are the other kids.

Kira was a fairy princess. She had planned to be Cinderella again, so I bought her gloves and a wig to add to her costume from last year. At the last minute she decided to throw on her pink dress and some wings. Kira was hilarious this year. She didn't stop talking the whole time. She commented on people's houses ("Wow, your house is lovely."), their physical appearance ("You sure are tall/pretty/old/fat.") and thanked them for the candy ("Wow, how did you know I like those? Thank you so much."). In between houses, she declared her love of Halloween.

Hanna was the sweetest little bunny.

Campbell was a vampire again.

Damon was a hobo. He came up with the idea all on his own and he knew how to do it, he asked us to take him to Value Village so he could buy some old clothes. He had on ripped dirty jeans (his own, lol), hoodie and a lumberjacket and carried a piece of cardboard that he wrote "Will work for candy" on. He put on Matt's fisherman mask. He told Kira he was dressed as a bum. The first house they went to, she told the people, "I am a fairy princess, Campbell is a vampire, and Damon is a BUTT." I explained that he was not a BUTT, that we said "bum" but that we didn't mean a person's bottom, that it was another word for a person begging on the street. So the next house they went to, she bellowed out, "Trick or treat! I am a fairy princess, Campbell is a vampire and Damon used to be a BUTT, but now my mom says he isn't."