Friday, March 25, 2011

March Break Photo Recap

"Ummmmmm, take a picture of us Mom, we're mendatating."

My mother, my sister and a couple of friends were over, but Shrek may have snorted a few too many Guinness that night.
The next day Shrek went to the Sportsman show and look at what followed him home...

It wasn't actually a spur of the moment decision. He took all of the courses last fall, waited for his license to come, installed a gun safe, pored over hunting websites and then made a shopping list. Have you ever seen a boy more pleased with his toy? I love the way Kira jumps in there.

Problem, nothing is going into the septic. At this point we have a bathtub full of sewage and a toilet that is overflowing onto the floor. When Matt and Damon dig up the septic tank lids, we think we might know what part of the problem is...groundwater.

Saved by Larry the Septic Guy. The septic tank was indeed full AND there was a clog in the main sewer pipe that comes out of the house. but as soon as it is pumped out, it fills with ground water. The septic field is draining back into the tank! So now we have to watch what is flushed until the spring thaw is completely finished.

Hanna and her cousin play with Lily.

There were also some hockey games, afternoon of horseback riding, a train ride and 3 day in Hamilton and a daytrip to Picton that weren't caught on camera.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Goats are the best patients!

The snow has been replaced with mud, but I found this photo of Daisy on my camera and thought it was cute.

I was dreading giving the goats their Ivomec today. I was planning to do it last week, but thought it would test my patience, during March Break, so I waited until today when the children were at school. I had visions of squirmy goats, maybe a horn or two in my leg, maybe some nipping, I would have guessed that it would end with goat saliva and liquid dewormer being spit up on my sweater. I had a tainted view of giving liquid medication because of all of the nights I wrestled feverish toddlers just to give them a tiny squirt of liquid Advil. It always ended with me wearing it.

The goats couldn't have been easier! They practically lined up waiting for their turns! They stood still and let me open their lips, I squirted the dose into their mouths, tilted their heads back, they swallowed and then licked their lips and went back to eating their hay. Lily wanted more when I was done.

I adore my children, they bless and enrich my life, but my goats are better patients!

Tomorrow I will spend the day starting seeds indoors.