Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Kira: 15 months

Kira had her 15 month appointment the other day and I neglected to update on it. She got a booster.

Weight: 24 lbs (she stood up on the big kid scale)
Height: 34 inches

Words (as we know them): Hi, Hello, Bye bye, Thank You, Woof, Dog, Puck, Bad, Sit, No, Yes, Shoe, Boot, Pop, Momma, Dadda, Grandma, Grandpa, Patrick, Damon, Campbell, baby, bath. She does a lot of babbling in between which may be words but we aren't sure. lol

Here she is in one of the outfits Daddy picked up in China. She's trying to get a piece of tape off her fingers. lol
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Bad guys are stupid.

on the way home from grandma and grandpa's house -

Damon: Bad guys are STUPID, like Hitler, he killed all those people, that was stupid, and then he killed himself because he didn't want to get caught. Now that's stupid!

Patrick: Well the soldiers were going to find him...

Damon: Yeah, he was underground hiding, he shot himself...

Matt: How do you know that?

Damon: I read a book about it.

Matt: WOW, that's impressive, how does he know that?

That's his answer for everything he purports to "know". I read it in a book. Well since the extent of his reading ability these days is still pretty much "Dick and Jane" I highly doubt that. When my kids ask me questions about world affairs, I tend to use it as an excuse to do some homeschooling. I do recall having a conversation about a year ago with the kids about the holocaust and WWII. The things they learn in the van. LOL