Friday, April 28, 2006

Matt at work

You can watch him work at Amherst College - Museum of Natural History

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Matt is away with work for the next 2 or more weeks.

Hockey tryouts are officially over for us! Woohoo!

Patrick was happy to be chosen to return to the AAA team. He looked pretty good at the tryouts. He has his signing on Saturday. His track club training starts this week and he has been invited to join a summer hockey team.

Last night, Damon was ecstatic to be chosen for the Novice Hub team. It is the highest level of hockey available for Damon's age group. Hub is the equivalent of A hockey. Because our area has so many competitive hockey players, a league was set up just for A level hockey within the local area. So that means close travel! YAY.

After the cuts had been made, the parents were called into the dressing room where all the boys who had been chosen were sitting. All of the boys were sitting quietly, except Damon who was grinning from ear to ear and pumping his arms in a "YES! I just scored a touchdown" gesture. It was cute and embarassing all at once. Then they "signed" him and he even had to sign his own name. Now that the whole team has been chosen, they will use Sunday's tryout time to have the team go out for a skate. He also has a lacrosse evaluation this week, but we have turned down the rep lacrosse coaches who would like Damon for their teams. We were hoping to have some freedom of movement this summer.

So after the weekend I move on to ONLY juggling lacrosse, track club and Campbell's soccer schedules.