Saturday, January 29, 2005


Congratulations to Kristen on the safe arrival of Brett!!!! I still haven't heard the official middle name yet, but I heard that he arrived this evening and weighed in at 8 lbs. 10 oz. I can't wait to hear the birth story and see pictures of this not-so little guy.

Matt and Patrick are away this weekend. Patrick had games today and tomorrow in neighbouring towns that are almost 2 hours away from here, so the team decided to stay in a hotel tonight. I'm sure that Patrick is having a great time with his teammates, swimming, playing video games and just running up and down the halls. ;-) I'm sure that Matt isn't suffering either with his fellow hockey dads.

They called to say that Patrick's team won their game against the first place team in the league. That after they beat the second place team last night! woohoo! On to play the third place team tomorrow. I think that the best they can finish is third place in the regular season, but it should help build their confidence going into the playoffs next week.

In the meantime, Damon, Campbell, Kira and I are trying to have a low-stress, quiet evening at home. After a struggle to keep her temperature below 105 early this morning, Kira's fever has been fairly low today, but I anticipate it will be high again tonight.

I should have seen this coming

With all of the sickness that has been going around this house this past month, Kira has stayed relatively healthy, just minor colds here and there. Not anymore. Last night she woke up with a high fever and a nasty cough. She has been lethargic, not her plunky little self. Every chance she gets, she gets her arms wrapped around my neck in a death grip. She is so cute when she coughs though, Patrick gave her a lesson in coughing this morning. He taught her to cover her mouth and she always remembers to do it, it is so sweet.

We went to the mall to get some new cold medicines for her and cough medicine for Patrick. I thought that since we were there, I'd go across the hall to Gymboree to get a rain coat for Kira. I changed my mind about the coat and somehow we left with a new shirt, jeans, sunglasses and wallet for Patrick. How did that happen??????? He is quiet and helpful, but that kid has to get back to school next week! We are both enjoying these sick days too much. lol

I stopped drinking cola today. I had one can of pepsi yesterday, and none today. I have been drinking a lot of water, milk and some orange juice. I have been surprised by how hungry I have been though. I have had a wicked headache all afternoon so I resorted to trying a can of diet cola, but that didn't help, so I'm not sure if it is caffeine withdrawal or maybe I am sick again too.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

This family is sick on many levels

I have to let you all know that bowl had just been cleaned and was filled with fresh water. Campbell taught her that yesterday, and every 5 minutes today, she was having a sip. LOL In the last picture she is getting comfy because she lapped up the whole bowl there.

My cat caught a mouse today, I thought about taking a picture for my blog, but mice just creep me out way too much. I don't like picking them up and since Matt wasn't here and I didn't want to ask Damon unless I had to. I opened the front door and we chased the cat out to enjoy his prize on the neighbour's driveway. :-D He came in with Matt and has been strutting his stuff all night.

Patrick is still sick. His asthma is bad, even on his puffers. He has a fever and his tummy isn't feeling great either. I think I will take him to the doctor's tomorrow when Damon and Campbell are at school. He even missed a hockey game tonight. He wants to get better though, because he has his last 3 regular season games this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Damon woke up in the night with a stomach ache, so I let him stay home. I don't think he was really sick. I did manage to get him to let me cut his hair. It isn't a good haircut because he had a lot of rules (no clippers, no brushes, only a certain comb) and he kept resisting. UGH. Anyway, he hates his haircut and I am mean for giving it to him. *sigh* I'll try to sneak a picture of it when he is sleeping, but I think it is a drastic improvement.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Here we go again...

round and round on the merry-go-round of sickness.

Damon and Campbell went to the school for the first time in a week. Damon's teacher still hasn't gotten my "hazards of scarves/why-did-you-worry-about-a-hat-when-my-kid-was-burning-up-with-fever" letter yet, because she was off sick today. *evil cackle*

Patrick who was the least sick last week, woke up early this morning having an asthma attack. Usually, he takes the day off and is fine. But today he continually had problems with his asthma, and tonight he is losing his voice and has a fever. I'm getting worried about him and we will probably make the trek to the doctor's office tomorrow. He came home from his semi-final game and went to sleep and didn't wake up until late the next morning. I thought that he must be coming down with something then, but he was fine on Sunday. It is a shame because he will miss a hockey game tomorrow night.

I was just getting better too and looking forward to taking Campbell and Kira out shopping and to the SPCA to cancel Maddie's dog license and get a form for a new one for "Puck". I can do that by phone, but it isn't as much fun that way.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Snow day

Saturday was a crazy blizzard day. We got more than a foot of snow and really strong winds were blowing it all around. It was the result of an "Alberta Clipper". They cancelled everything in our city, including hockey. That was nice because Matt was away at the tournament with Patrick and I was going to have to take Damon and Campbell to their hockey practices with Kira. They EVEN had to close the mountain accesses because the visibility was so low that the plows and salt trucks couldn't see well enough. I say that with amazement, because those mountain accesses are a lifeline for us here and are always the top priority for snow removal. Hey it could be worse, the same storm dumped more than 2 feet on my brother in Halifax on top of what was already there from 2 previous storms.

My van and my backyard.

My front porch.

Now Kathy, THAT is a snow day! LOL At this point I'd trade you though.

As I said, Matt took Patrick to his hockey tournament. Even though our hockey was cancelled, they couldn't do that at the tournament, because they had 120 hockey teams from Canada and the U.S. waiting for their games! They won their morning game 2-1. That put them into the semi-finals where they lost to one of their regular season rivals, Waterloo. Waterloo went on to win the whole tournament. Patrick played some excellent hockey though. He's developed a lot as a player this season.

It was a beautiful day outside today. We dug out and then went off to my mom's to celebrate Damon and my sister Lianne's birthdays. Damon turned 7 and Lianne was 21.

I'm a dork, I ran out of room for his name! LOL The first thing he noticed was his number, #1 on the player's jersey.

Damon was thrilled with his Gameboy, games, helicopter and new army pants (his old pair were overly loved). He is planning to do his birthday party with his friends at the military museum where they get to try on uniforms and hold weapons from the 1800s.