Sunday, January 23, 2005

Snow day

Saturday was a crazy blizzard day. We got more than a foot of snow and really strong winds were blowing it all around. It was the result of an "Alberta Clipper". They cancelled everything in our city, including hockey. That was nice because Matt was away at the tournament with Patrick and I was going to have to take Damon and Campbell to their hockey practices with Kira. They EVEN had to close the mountain accesses because the visibility was so low that the plows and salt trucks couldn't see well enough. I say that with amazement, because those mountain accesses are a lifeline for us here and are always the top priority for snow removal. Hey it could be worse, the same storm dumped more than 2 feet on my brother in Halifax on top of what was already there from 2 previous storms.

My van and my backyard.

My front porch.

Now Kathy, THAT is a snow day! LOL At this point I'd trade you though.

As I said, Matt took Patrick to his hockey tournament. Even though our hockey was cancelled, they couldn't do that at the tournament, because they had 120 hockey teams from Canada and the U.S. waiting for their games! They won their morning game 2-1. That put them into the semi-finals where they lost to one of their regular season rivals, Waterloo. Waterloo went on to win the whole tournament. Patrick played some excellent hockey though. He's developed a lot as a player this season.

It was a beautiful day outside today. We dug out and then went off to my mom's to celebrate Damon and my sister Lianne's birthdays. Damon turned 7 and Lianne was 21.

I'm a dork, I ran out of room for his name! LOL The first thing he noticed was his number, #1 on the player's jersey.

Damon was thrilled with his Gameboy, games, helicopter and new army pants (his old pair were overly loved). He is planning to do his birthday party with his friends at the military museum where they get to try on uniforms and hold weapons from the 1800s.


Girl in Progress said...

Yep, that looks about right. That is snow ..LOL I took some pics too, I'll try getting them up later. I think you have more but we have some high banks here when they plow.

WTG for Patricks team, almost boys. When I was looking at your blog yesterday Michelle asked who was that cute boy with the fire hat on..LOL I told them all about the boys hockey and she was impressed. ;o)

Sounds like Damon had a great birthday! I love the cake. I have done the same thing a FEW times..LOL


WOW! I'm so glad I live in SUNNY, WARM(ER) Southern California right now! lol Of course the rain sucked big time when it hit... but mid-70's is very nice!

Congrats to Patrick on his hockey! And again, happy birthday to Damon! Glad he enjoyed everything!

Kathy said...

OMG that IS a snow day!! And I like my snow days much better. It looks very beautiful though.

The cake is so cool btw.