Friday, January 21, 2005

Pucks and Puke

I just confirmed our choice with the breeder, we chose Miracle Max to be our Puck. It is funny, when I was there, I really didn't know which one I wanted. When I left, I told the breeder that I would talk to Matt about whether to chose Miracle Max or Inigo Montoya, and email her our decision. In the van, my sister was saying that she thought we should get Miracle Max. When I looked at the pictures I took, coincidentally the majority of the pictures were of Miracle Max. (good clue Kristen) That's when I knew that the decision had already been made.

Patrick is in a tournament this weekend. Today they won both their games 5-2 and 7-1. That second game was against their biggest rival in the regular season and the first time they have beaten them! Woohoo. Patrick played really well. The team has too many defensemen, so they used to have Patrick playing forward at the beginning of the season. Back in December the team manager's son and Patrick switched positions, which was difficult for both of them. Patrick is just starting to feel comfortable again in defense, so I asked the other boy's mom how he felt about being a forward. She said that he wasn't really happy because he hasn't scored any goals since he was moved forward. He felt like at least when he was playing defense, he was contributing. She just finished this sentence, when right in front of her he took a shot and it went straight through the goalie! WOOOOHOOOO. The team has never celebrated any goal they way they did that one. They all jumped onto the ice and hugged him. His smile was unbelievable, and he kept looking back at the stands to make sure mom saw. Well this kid just kept scoring and scoring! He scored 3 goals and an assist in the first game today, and 1 goal plus an assist in the second. WTG! There is another dad on our team who knew how much this kid wanted to score, and he had a special puck that he had promised to him if he scored a goal. He has been carrying it around since early December. Isn't he sweet!

I was just trying to watch The Prisoner of Azkaban with the kids, when Kira started freaking out. I've never seen anything like it. She was drooling, screaming and holding her breath until she turned purple. I started to worry that she might have something stuck in her throat so I started doing the heimlich maneuver, but that didn't seem to make a difference and I decided that when she did draw in air it was going in, so I tried to put her down. She took two steps and puked all over the bathroom floor. She continued to fuss, but eventually fell asleep on my shoulder, and she is still there. I'm afraid to put her anywhere for fear that she will puke all over. I'd rather change my shirt and take a shower than change the clean bedding.


Kathy said...

I hope Kira had a one-time puke. Poor thing, sounds scary. We all agree, Miracle Max is WAY TOO CUTE!! I'm so excited for you guys.

Beth said...

OMG..those puppies are sooo adorable!! What more can I say?
That can't be Kira! Kira's a BABY!! That child is standing & is way too big!
I can feel the excitement at the hockey game. I'm nearly jumping out of my own seat, lol. *sigh* I wish you lived closer, I'd bring the girls to your boys' games. :)


awww poor Kira - I hope she's feeling better today! And I agree - I rather change my shirt and shower, than to have to change clean bedding!

Miracle Max, er Puck, is lucky to have found such a great home with you guys! Do you know when he comes "home" yet?

And yay on the hockey games! Especially to that other boy! I bet his mom was beaming too!