Sunday, January 16, 2005

Well this sickness turned out to be a particularly insidious. It even managed to get through to Matt and Damon. They only get sick once or twice a year. Matt is better today though, but when Damon woke up he looked flushed and tired. His fever was 104. Of course his dad asked him about his hockey game and he said, "Yeah I'm still going." Yeah right! As he got moving a bit more, he started to realize how crappy he feels and now is wanting to stay home, as long as Daddy takes the drinks and treats to his team. Of course the day it is our turn for refreshment duty, our kid is sick! We are still in negotiations over whether or not it is a good idea to go to his friend's birthday party later this afternoon. They are having it at a place that has a basketball court and an indoor swimming pool with a huge waterslide. So I'm not sure he could fully enjoy it when he is sick anyway. I gave him some Motrin and he looks like he is feeling a bit better.

Before bed last night, I took a long hot bath with baby soothing aroma stuff. It was nice. I'm feeling a bit better today.


Girl in Progress said...

Matt rarely ever gets sick either... Would the parents mind if he came not feeling well? Are you up to driving him there? I hope you all get better soon..glad you could enjoy a nice bath though.. xoxo


Kids are resilient.... either way it sounds like you had the nice relaxing moments you needed!