Thursday, June 09, 2005

Oh no! Look at what the vet did to my dog...

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This is how he has been lying for about 15 minutes, about 2 minutes after I took the picture he fell asleep.  He had his rabies vaccines and he was a big suck the whole ride home, except for when the lady at Wendy's told him how handsome he was.  He was bouncing in his seat for that.  Can I just say that the new all-in-one flea/heartworm/parasite medications ROCK!  They multi-task, just like mommies do.   I remember when I had Maddie and George and I used to have to SPRAY with flea spray, give heartworm pills AND do fecal tests and give more pills for worms.   

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Lacrosse is a tough sport!

I told Damon that some internet friends wanted to know what he wore for Lacrosse.  He was thrilled to model his gear!  Here he is about to leave for his game.

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Hockey shoulder pads with the black kidney pads underneath.
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Arm pads with arm shields over top.

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I love the serious look.  LOL  He was so putting that on for show.

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A bad day at the track

But I feel like I got some good pictures anyway.  Here is Patrick racing agains kids who range up to age 14.  He's 9.  No wonder he got elbowed in the face at the start.  His head is as high as their elbows.  Even though he wasn't happy with his finish, I am still proud that he beat some of those big kids.Image hosted by
Sizing up the competition.  I love this picture.
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The word of the day is...


Yes you heard me. I was driving Patrick’s friend home because it was raining and there was a lot of traffic in front of us, so Damon says, “Hey Dickwad, move it” to the cars in front of us.

Me: Damon, we don’t talk that way.
Damon: Okay Mommy.
Patrick: ACTUALLY, I’ve heard Daddy say that before.
Me: It’s still rude and Daddy gets in trouble for saying it too.
Damon: Bob (FIL) says it.
Me: No he would NEVER.
Damon: Yes he does, when he yells at the cars.
Me: No he says "stupid old goat" and "you you you stupidhead"...
Patrick: Yeah Damon, THAT is Bob. And Mommy, don't forget he says "you old biscuit".
Me: That's right Patrick.

Just now, Campbell was helping Kira ride on her little car and he yells out “Hey Dickwad” to the phantom traffic.