Friday, March 10, 2006

Going Squirrelly

The view from my laundry room.
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This brazen guy is one tough nut!  Note all the bald patches.  He/she has been living in and around our property for many years and has tried to have many "stand offs" with Matt.  And he/she loves to watch Puck go bonkers trying to climb a tree to get him/her.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Two for one

Last week, when Matt told all of the kids that we were having another baby, he showed Patrick the card that I made for him. Patrick immediately said, "why does Daddy have to do that? That's not fair." Matt said it was no big deal, and joked that maybe he would go with Puck to the vet and get a "two-for-one deal" on neutering. Yesterday on the way home from school, Patrick told me that it was just wrong for Daddy to be neutered. I explained neutering to him and told him that was what Puck was going to have done, not Daddy. He said, "No, Daddy said he was going to get neutered too." I told him that Daddy was only joking and explained what a vasectomy was, he was still skeptical though.

Poor guy, for 5 days he's been worried that his father was going to be castrated.

Damon is just ecstatic about having another baby. When Daddy told him, he turned to me and said, "Did Daddy tell you about the new baby?" Later that night he woke up and came and told me how happy he was and he hopes it is a girl "so that Kira has somebody". This morning he said,
"It's really weird, you don't even look pregnant at all." hee hee.
"Give me some time and I will look pregnant" I said, "right now the baby is the size of a piece of rice."
"Seven weeks?"
"Yeah about that."

Campbell is coming around. It just takes that old man time to get used to change. 34 more weeks will probably do it.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Kira's baby

Recently Kira has really shown an interest in playing with baby dolls. After her daddy shared the news of our pregnancy, Kira has developed her own concept of what it all means. If somebody asks her if mommy is going to have a new baby, she says, "no, my baby". When asked where the baby is, half of the time she says the baby is in mommy, the other half she tells you that the baby is "asleep now in my room. Shhhhh" In the past 4 days, she has obsessed about this Pooh doll. She takes him all over the place, she tucks him into bed, when I took this picture, she had to show him the picture on the camera's display. "Look baby, that's you baby, so cute baby." I am starting to think that she thinks that THIS is our baby that everybody keeps asking her about. (I love that his pram is a pink pillow on top of a dump truck.)