Monday, March 06, 2006

Kira's baby

Recently Kira has really shown an interest in playing with baby dolls. After her daddy shared the news of our pregnancy, Kira has developed her own concept of what it all means. If somebody asks her if mommy is going to have a new baby, she says, "no, my baby". When asked where the baby is, half of the time she says the baby is in mommy, the other half she tells you that the baby is "asleep now in my room. Shhhhh" In the past 4 days, she has obsessed about this Pooh doll. She takes him all over the place, she tucks him into bed, when I took this picture, she had to show him the picture on the camera's display. "Look baby, that's you baby, so cute baby." I am starting to think that she thinks that THIS is our baby that everybody keeps asking her about. (I love that his pram is a pink pillow on top of a dump truck.)

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Kathy said...

I love that pram. LOVE IT. She is so sweet.