Saturday, September 24, 2005

Grinding + Brakes = HEADACHE

We went for a drive in the country today and picked up some information packages on a couple of new subdivisions. A little bit tempting, great floorplans and affordable for a 5 bedroom house, but it's just really far from everything. The kids would have to switch schools and probably hockey teams. Not that I agree with avoiding that at all costs, but hey, the parents from school and hockey are my friends too. lol I was looking at all the floorplans on the way back and got really carsick. Then the brakes started grinding. GRRRRRRR. Matt starts getting irritable, going on about how much it's going to cost etc. The same guy just told me it was WORTH the extra $30,000 to put the 5th bedroom over the garage, and he's freaking out about 200 dollars for new brakes. We checked and we can get them fixed tomorrow. We were planning to go straight to Patrick's out of town hockey game. It's the first regular season game. But we decide that we shouldn't take the van out of town like this, and Matt dropped Damon, Campbell, Kira and me off at home and we won't go to the game. So I'm still nauseous with a headache, 3 wound-up kids and I'm missing my boy's game. WAAAAHHHHHHH.

Ok I'm done now.

Oh yeah and the dog still smells, no italian for us tonight.

Addendum: I put a chicken pie into the oven for me and the 3 kids, the phone rings. It's Matt, he forgot Patrick's hockey jerseys in the back of my van!!!!! Can I meet him 1/2 way? With my grinding brakes. Great. I turned off my pie, threw the kids in the van as is and off we went.

And to the man in the silver porsche with the rude tongue gestures, I have to say that while I am flattered that you found me to be proposition-worthy during my time of panic, I just need so much more than a middle aged man in a flashy car with a very flexible tongue, to lure me away from this glamorous lifestyle.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Yesterday, I went grocery shopping and thought I would be frugal and make my own dog liver treats. I bought a big package of beef liver and came home. I thought I was sooo clever as I mixed the liver with some garlic, whole wheat flower, cornmeal and eggs in the blender.

And you should have seen the smug look on my face as Puck took his first taste of the fluffy brownie-like creations. He loves them. I've never seen him react to anything like that. The kids were clamouring to get a taste. I did a little "ew" and then reminded myself that they were all human food ingredients, so they each had a taste and agreed that they were pretty good. I rarely get this kind of overwhelming approval of things that I cook. I had Puck's undivided attention from then on.

Last night it started. The gas. The dog gas that won't stop. Usually if he starts to fart, it is a sign that he needs to be let out to do his business. But now it is constant. This garlicky dog fart smell that follows me along with the dog. Now I'm a big garlic lover, but this is turning me off of one of my favourite flavours.

Note to self. Buy the dog bland old milk-bones from now on.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tournament? Oh yeah, THAT's why we're here

Patrick played in a hockey tournament this weekend.  They lost their games, but didn't play too badly. All of the team and their families stayed at cottages nearby.  We had a blast!  There were so many siblings for the other kids to play with. Therefore the parents had fun too. lol 
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The boys loved the bonfire.  At the end of the night a bunch of the players were cooking the leftover food in it.  Pizza in boxes, metal trays of lasagna, bowls of pasta, even some shrimp on marshmallow sticks.  YUMMY.
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Damon tried out "tubing".
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Campbell was satisfied to just get a ride in the boat.
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Oh and the things Damon caught.  He caught frogs, and he tried fishing with a pole, but found that it was easier to catch them with his bare hands!  He caught 2 or 3 of them that way.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Kidding around

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Praying to the dental gods

Well I got a phone call from the school today. Apparently Patrick had an accident at recess. He and his friends were playing football in the playground and Patrick bumped into somebody's elbow when he was going for the ball. He put his top tooth through his bottom lip and now he has a loose tooth. So far there isn't any bruising or swelling of the gum (the lip is a write off though), so the dentist said it was likely just the periodontal ligaments and would fix itself as long as he didn't reinjure it. Flag football practices this week are OUT, hockey and cross country are in. Please don't let him lose that tooth.