Thursday, September 22, 2005


Yesterday, I went grocery shopping and thought I would be frugal and make my own dog liver treats. I bought a big package of beef liver and came home. I thought I was sooo clever as I mixed the liver with some garlic, whole wheat flower, cornmeal and eggs in the blender.

And you should have seen the smug look on my face as Puck took his first taste of the fluffy brownie-like creations. He loves them. I've never seen him react to anything like that. The kids were clamouring to get a taste. I did a little "ew" and then reminded myself that they were all human food ingredients, so they each had a taste and agreed that they were pretty good. I rarely get this kind of overwhelming approval of things that I cook. I had Puck's undivided attention from then on.

Last night it started. The gas. The dog gas that won't stop. Usually if he starts to fart, it is a sign that he needs to be let out to do his business. But now it is constant. This garlicky dog fart smell that follows me along with the dog. Now I'm a big garlic lover, but this is turning me off of one of my favourite flavours.

Note to self. Buy the dog bland old milk-bones from now on.


Bridget said...

I was cracking up laughing reading this. I made Robby come over and read it too. He didn't want to, but he was cracking up too. This is one of your best thanks for the laugh in such a stressful time.

Kathy said...

I have learned a valuable lesson. Thanks.

Girl in Progress said...

awww but you were such a super mom..even for the dog.. making his treats from scratch and all! Even the kids wanted a taste!!

Surely you can live with a little gas..

Here's too hoping that next time you have garlic you don't gag..


Sam said...

OMG I was so LMAO at this sorry Adri, but you painted such a vivid picture I couldnt help it.
Hey if the kids tasted them does this mean they are going to start farting next LMAO ROTFLMAO