Saturday, September 24, 2005

Grinding + Brakes = HEADACHE

We went for a drive in the country today and picked up some information packages on a couple of new subdivisions. A little bit tempting, great floorplans and affordable for a 5 bedroom house, but it's just really far from everything. The kids would have to switch schools and probably hockey teams. Not that I agree with avoiding that at all costs, but hey, the parents from school and hockey are my friends too. lol I was looking at all the floorplans on the way back and got really carsick. Then the brakes started grinding. GRRRRRRR. Matt starts getting irritable, going on about how much it's going to cost etc. The same guy just told me it was WORTH the extra $30,000 to put the 5th bedroom over the garage, and he's freaking out about 200 dollars for new brakes. We checked and we can get them fixed tomorrow. We were planning to go straight to Patrick's out of town hockey game. It's the first regular season game. But we decide that we shouldn't take the van out of town like this, and Matt dropped Damon, Campbell, Kira and me off at home and we won't go to the game. So I'm still nauseous with a headache, 3 wound-up kids and I'm missing my boy's game. WAAAAHHHHHHH.

Ok I'm done now.

Oh yeah and the dog still smells, no italian for us tonight.

Addendum: I put a chicken pie into the oven for me and the 3 kids, the phone rings. It's Matt, he forgot Patrick's hockey jerseys in the back of my van!!!!! Can I meet him 1/2 way? With my grinding brakes. Great. I turned off my pie, threw the kids in the van as is and off we went.

And to the man in the silver porsche with the rude tongue gestures, I have to say that while I am flattered that you found me to be proposition-worthy during my time of panic, I just need so much more than a middle aged man in a flashy car with a very flexible tongue, to lure me away from this glamorous lifestyle.


Sam said...

OMG LMAO at that guy. Weirdo.
Ugh ref Matt and the car, it never rains but it pours doesnt it.
Yeah figures, not alright for him to drive to hockey match, but fine for you to meet him halfway. Go figure. Hugs

Beth said...

Eeew. I hate creepazoids. Damn brakes. You should have left MATT with the kids & gone to the game!!!!