Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Praying to the dental gods

Well I got a phone call from the school today. Apparently Patrick had an accident at recess. He and his friends were playing football in the playground and Patrick bumped into somebody's elbow when he was going for the ball. He put his top tooth through his bottom lip and now he has a loose tooth. So far there isn't any bruising or swelling of the gum (the lip is a write off though), so the dentist said it was likely just the periodontal ligaments and would fix itself as long as he didn't reinjure it. Flag football practices this week are OUT, hockey and cross country are in. Please don't let him lose that tooth.


Sam said...

Ugh I hate it when stuff like this happens. Get him to drink lots of milk soak his teeth in it. Praying that it stays put and heals quickly.

Beth said...

Oh jeez, that sucks. I hope it heals.

Girl in Progress said...

isn't just like it though, that out of all his sports activities he gets his mouth hurt by some clumsy boy? lol

I hope the healing is happening well and his tooth stays put! And must I say, he's looking rather dashing lately.. those blonde waves..