Sunday, December 11, 2005

I almost forgot this one.

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Puck does NOT enjoy wearing the reindeer antlers, but he loves his red ruffle and wants it on all the time.  He likes wearing sweaters and jackets too.  I think it makes him feel special.


david (Mulan's dad) said...

How could you make him suffer such indignity and embarassment. By God don't let any of the other dogs see this, he'll be mortified!

Dee said...

Do you make your own cardsd? If you do, you could put that one on a christmas card. It would be so cool. Love the ones of the kids too. All so cute.

The Mom said...

David, you are right, he is mortified by those antlers, so we have retired them (although for some kicks we may make the cat wear them so that Puck can laugh at him). But he begs for that red ruffle and his red North Face coat. Does he just like the colour red? Or does he feel special in clothes? I'm not sure yet, but red is so NOT his colour. ;-)

Thanks dee, last year I sent a photo of the kids out and I feel lots of pressure to send out photo cards again this year.

Alden Eames said...

Hello! Super work performed. Top PAGE, further so!

Girl in Progress said...

oh my word.. don't make him gay adri.. don't do it.. LOL

j/k j/k.. I think he's adorable.. ruffle and all..