Sunday, March 04, 2007

Vater ist zu seinem Mutterland gegangen

Matt left for Germany today. He is there for the whole month. It was very difficult for him to leave this time. He is going to miss the kids and they made it obvious how much they will miss him.

Selling the house will have to wait another month.


Deborah Dowd said...

Just came upon your blog from Cooking with Anne. As the mother of 6 from 31 down to 11 (no little ones anymore) I would say that you can be all things just not all the time. Your love for you children shines through in your site (they are all gorgeous!) Stop by my cyber-kitchen table to see some ways that we use food to create memories for our kids and ourselves! You might also be interested in the post regarding picky eaters and what makes them based on a vitriolic post by someone with 0 (count them 0) children!

Anne said...

Oh no! I hope you'll find something to keep you occupied ;o) lol Hug the kids.

Cakes said...

hope this month flies by!