Thursday, December 23, 2004

This is Kira's first Christmas, and I want to make sure it is special. I know she will be thrilled though. She loves opening presents. She squeals and doesn't hesitate to rip them open. I bought fabric for my mother to make her a dress, she will look so cute.

Okay, NOW I'm starting to panic. I thought I had it all under control, but the walls are now closing in. I only have a day left before I host my family's Christmas eve celebration. My house is a mess, I have groceries to get, I have a little bit more work to do on my aunt's blanket, I don't have a clue what my husband has bought for our kids and I have a few more stocking stuffers to grab. And I don't know where to start! Kira doesn't make it easy to get anything done. In order to clean anything, I have to let her tear the contents of my cupboards out. And now my throat is hurting. WHAAAAAA.

There are so many things I wanted to do this week before Christmas that I now realize we won't have time for. Like going to see Santa. Hopefully we can squeeze that in tomorrow after we dig out of the snow.