Sunday, January 09, 2005

Damon's game. Posted by Hello

Damon had an awesome day today. He loves playing goalie and he waited for his turn to come up (at his age, they rotate amongst the kids who are interested). His team hadn't won a game and he was determined that they would win if he was the goalie. Matt was taking Patrick to his Rep game in a town an hour away. Damon was disappointed that Daddy wouldn't be there to watch. The first period, he was listening to Daddy's advice and came right off of the blue ice! He was going after the players. After 4 quick goals, he learned not to do that! Thankfully his team managed to score 4 goals too. He was awesome for the 2nd period. They were winning 7-4 by the end of the period. In the third period, he blocked a shot, and then lay across the net to stop the rebound, but somehow the little guy shooting got some lift on the puck and it sailed in over top of Damon. Then they scored again, it was 7-6. Then with seconds to go, the other team got a breakaway and scored. My heart was breaking for him, but then we found out that there had been an offside (one of the players crossed the blue line before the puck did), so the goal didn't count. His team won their first game, and so many of them had scored there first goals today. It was a really exciting game.

In the dressing room afterwards, everybody was praising Damon on his saves. If he hadn't done so well, I'm sure that the score would have been closer to 20-7. The coach awarded him the Super Sport of the Game award and told the kids that they all played a great game, but that he feels that Damon had an outstanding game and that he kept them in it. He was so overwhelmed that he looked like he was going to burst into tears. He was behaving so well today both before and after the game, it confirms my theory that he needs more things that really motivate him and then to find some success at those things. School is NOT one of those things. ;-)


Kathy said...

Good for him!! Great pictures too. Your right about the motivation thing, I see it in my 4 year old as well.

Girl in Progress said...

Wow, hon, I was excited just reading that post..sounds nerve racking and fun.. It's so neat they have these skills, even though it's a lot of work on you..and money. I'm sure they will thank you for it..and who knows...might even buy you a new house one day. ;o)

Awesome you have close up far away are you usually?