Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!

We went to a friend's house last night for dinner and drinks. The boys played with their kids and I chased Kira up and down the stairs. I am impressed by how well she started going down the stairs, because she is NEVER allowed on my uncarpeted stairs.

Another friend was there last night after having dinner at the hospital with her husband. He is battling leukemia and has just started a new round of chemotherapy after the cancer came back again. She is showing amazing strength and grace as she goes through this with him. She always sounds so positive about everything and when she complains she does it with a great sense of humour. Friends and family have really rallied around this couple and their 2 young children.

My MIL is nearing the end of her radiation treatments. She has kept in good spirits and seems to be doing really well, but it has been a tiring process of chemo and then radiation.

My wish is that 2005 is a year for healing miracles.


Kathy said...

Yeah I'm with you, I'm wishing for a healthy year for everyone.

Girl in Progress said...

Same here, my wish is for their healing & for a great year for all of us!! God bless you & and the fam adri! XOXO