Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Well we slept through the alarm (which was set for 2 hours too early) and woke up at 8:30 am. School starts at 8:50. Amazingly we got dressed, ate breakfast and brushed teeth and got there by 9! Not the best way to start the day. I hate waking up and getting going like that, I always feel so frazzled for the rest of the day and never get anything done.

I stayed up too late last night and 3 of kids had a late night too. Campbell fell asleep early at bottom of my bed. Kira was up later than usual, I lay down with her. She nursed and I drifted off to sleep, until Matt came to go to bed, and she woke up and wanted to play. Patrick is worried about his friend who went to visit family in Sri Lanka. He isn't due back until later this month. The teacher has tried to contact them to make sure they are safe but hasn't heard anything. So Patrick tossed and turned until at least 11 pm. And Damon, well he will use any excuse to stay awake. Usually he is the last one awake and I just have to sit and watch tv or sit here at the computer or else my movements will keep him awake.

I'm counting the sleeps to March Break.


Kristen said...

LOVE LOVE the skin and pic. LOL that is SO you.. or wait, is it ME?

Girl in Progress said...

I hate those mornings too, I get a headache. Today was a bit nuts actually but not that bad. I have given up on the notion that my kids will ever sleep. It's gotten nuts now, I actually cussed at them the other night. :o(