Friday, September 30, 2005

bathroom blog - vanity fair

Well we finally made up our minds and bought this vanity from Costco.

(click on the image to buy one too)

Here it is in my bathroom sitting next to the yet-to-be-installed new toilet.
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Now I need to get my husband to stop standing around and admiring it and actually install it.


Girl in Progress said...

I'm guilty of just sitting here and admiring it too. ooh.. ahhh

It's very lovely! And the vanity top will hide spots nicely too. :o)

Come on husband, install it! Install the toilet! Before a castrophe happens!

Beth said...

ROFL. It kinda makes the toilet look...plain. Very nice, lol. Now give dh a big ole KICK. ;)

Sam said...

Beautiful yes I can understand Matt just wanting to admire it, it makes you want to do that.