Sunday, November 20, 2005


They finally did it. Patrick's team won their VERY first hockey game all season. Well actually the AAA team he is on now didn't win last season either, so this is a truly momentous occasion. I was our home ice with Damon and Campbell's house league teams, so one of Patrick's teammates parents graciously offered to take Patrick to the away game today (far far away). They called from the car to say that we need to meet them at Boston Pizza for a victory party! I would hate to be an unsuspecting patron there when a team of pumped up 10 year olds shows up! WOOHOOOO We won!

I was told that the score was 1-0 with a minute or so left and our team pulled the goalie and scored. Then they scored another quick goal! I'm sure I'll hear LOTS of details about it all later.

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Beth said...

WOOOWOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Oh the excitement! I've got goosebumps. ;)