Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother's Day

Matt came home on Friday and within minutes we had friends come over for beer and pizza. Then Saturday we did some shopping, took my mom out for lunch and visited my Grandpa Sam at the nursing home.

That brings us to today, Matt and I were awoken at 7:30 am when Patrick and Damon's brawl spilled over into our bedroom. Some moms got flowers and breakfast in bed, I got a demonstration of the human nature of violence. I wasn't feeling great today, so it was nice to sit around in my sweats. I had mentioned a craving for lobster in garlic butter, so Matt created a seafood EXTRAVAGANZA. Garlic shrimp grilled on his brand new barbecue, escargot cooked in herb butter, a baguette, a salad and a lobster for each of us. The boys were excited about getting their own lobster, but Kira's reaction was the best. She climbed up to the table and in a half-laugh, she pointed and shouted out, "Look at my dinner!!!!!!!"


Kathy said...

MAN that sounds like a nice dinner. Kinda makes up for the rude awakening!

Belinda said...

Oh you are so lucky! What a yummy sounding dinner (apart from the escargot though....... couldn't imagine even putting one of those in my mouth, lol) Do your kids eat seafood?!?!?! I'm lucky Kate even eats fish and calamari. She's so boring when it comes to trying different food :(

Did Dad sort the boys out quick smart?

yseultautumnfiredancer said...

What a lucky lady you are to have such a feast! Ok ok, I'd have said no thanks but wow! And LOL at Kira's comment. I can just imagine seeing her wide-eyed with a big smile on her face! lol

Beth said...


Girl in Progress said...

Lol at Kira..I too can just picture that.. seriously.. to have that has your dinner.. who wouldn't giggle!? You don't know whether to just eat it, talk to it, play with it a bit first.. lol

I should make lobster soon.. Snoo is been dying to try it! I haven't had it in a long time..I remember loving it as a little kid but my mom and almost step dad were always too stingy to give me more then a taste..if that. I'd watch them each Christmas time with all their melted butter and they never gave in.. pout.

Glad you had a good MOther's day!!!