Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Oot and aboot

Canada Day! This was taken by Michael, the newspaper journalist. Kira is clearly not impressed with his coverage of the event.

Kira and friends at a picnic. The girls didn't pay much attention to each other until Blue arrived and they realized that they had a love of puppies in common.

Damon is proud of his playdough creation. This was between burning caterpillars (don't worry, the park staff had already sprayed some of them, as there is an infestation) and helping the park managers hunt for beetle-eating wasps.

Today is a rainy gray day, that type of day is a great hair day for Kira!


Kathy said...

Such wonderful photos! and LOL on damon burning caterpillars. Paul has fond memories of burning bugs. Guess it's a boy thing.

Girl in Progress said...

Wow, Kira is really changing a lot again. She's losing that baby face and looking different.. super cute as always but like she's really going to be a stunner early on.

I love the family pics and the playdough creation..too cute. Glad you all had a nice day.