Wednesday, January 03, 2007

December 27th

At 7 am, Matt and I (not to mention the 3 little ones piled in there too) were lying in bed talking, when we heard a smashing sound. I ran downstairs to see what had happened and when I looked toward the living room, I saw Charlie make a dash out of the room and then I saw this:
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Sadly some of our favourite ornaments were broken, namely the 2 glass balls with Patrick and Kira's names on them. I normally leave the tree and decorations up until after the Epiphany. But since Bob was here and was driving home that morning, I took the opportunity to pack up all of my ornaments and send them home with Bob. We are trying to get any excess stuff out of here before we put our house on the market, and I'd like to keep the breakables at Bob's house instead of in a trailer in the back of Matt's shop.


Melissa said...

Awww, Adri that's a real bummer. Just today I was moving our tree over to vaccum and of course it fell down and I broke one of Richard's lovely Thomas Kindcade ornaments. So far, I don't think any others are broke but I haven't inspected them all. Even so, it isn't as special as children's ornaments and important events. I've decided I'll look on ebay for another one before he notices. Or maybe I'll just glue it and look at the cracks as a memory and a reminder of real life.

I'm glad to be able to be on a computer for real now. I've missed you all. I need you to email me your address please.

Love ya!!


Kathy said...

oh NO!!

Puck ate all the ornaments off of our tree back in 1997. That was the year we were married and my mom gave me all of my childhood ornaments as a wedding gift.(She bought one ornament each year for us since we were babies!)Puck ate all but two of them. Sad sad event indeed.

Anyway, I'm glad you were able to get the ornaments off to Bob's house where they will be safe. Never dull at your house.

Beth said...

Oh jiminy. that IS a drag. Glad it wasn't worse.