Monday, February 26, 2007

Campbell's Playoff Game #2

Campbell is ready.
He gets the puck where he wants it
And covers it up until the ref blows the whistle.
Campbell's team played today. Our goalie did a pretty good job and we tied this game, 3-3. It is pretty funny to have all 3 boys tie this weekend.

Some of Damon's teammates have siblings on this team, including one little sister who is an amazing goal scorer. The last time we played her team, she scored 4 goals. Campbell has been playing mini-sticks with her during Damon's practice this past week and says that he was trying to learn how to "stone her", meaning not letting her score against him. And he did it, he stopped many shots by her.

His 4th game in net and now the player agents are scouting him. Really! I'll post more about that later.

Melanie, to answer your question about Patrick's tie, his team is actually playing a 7 point series (wins are 2 pts, ties are 1 pt) so they now have 3 points towards winning the series. For Campbell's playoffs it is different, they play each team in the league once, and the games count for points. If two teams are tied for points then they look at their goals against. The teams with the most points face each other in "Super Saturday".

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