Thursday, April 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Campbell!

Campbell had a birthday. My baby boy turned 7.

Campbell is a man who knows his own mind.

Last Wednesday, we met my online friend Beth from the April 2000 expecting board. She drove all the way up here from NYC! Campbell and Nicole shared a cake at the restaurant. Then we went back to the hotel and they swam.

On Friday night, he wanted to go bowling with my mother. He chose to have his family party along with our regular family easter celebrations so he had candles in his bird's nest cupcakes.

On Tuesday, his actual birthday, he wanted to get take out and bring it home. He requested fish and chips and root beer for dinner and an ice cream cake.

What could I say about this wonderful boy? Well, Campbell is a very determined young man. He is "a gentleman and a scholar". He is unbelievably hard working, both at schoolwork, his chores and hockey. We gave him a Scottish name, and he is growing up as a stereotypical scot. He wants to save up his money and doesn't like to part with it. He still has $140 in Toys R Us gift cards from his last birthday. He goes and walks around Toys R Us and asks me what items he can afford. He always puts the gift cards back in his wallet and asks to go home empty handed. He cuts out coupons for us to use. He has collected 37 dollars in Canadian Tire money and 46 dollars in McDonald's money. He is tough as nails when he is playing with other boys, but tender and sweet with is mother and his sisters. He has a very dry sense of humour and he keeps everybody laughing. I have confidence that whatever he chooses to do, he will do well at.

How cute is he?


Melanie said...

Happy birthday, Campbell! Sounds like it was a fun one!

BTW, glad to see you blogging again. Some of us on LOK were asking about you! You're missed!

Kristin said...

Beautiful pictures! And its just shocking that 7 years have passed since Y2K -- I have one who recently turned 7, too.

Happy Birthday to your little guy!

Cakes said...

awww... Happy Birthday! What a cool kid!