Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hanna turns 6 months!

How did that happen so fast?

Hanna has a sweet nature. She is calm and cuddly, and yet still very active and curious. She has smiles for everybody and her velvety round head has a way of eliciting lots and lots of kisses. I have had many people stop me to tell me that they thought I was holding a doll until they saw her blink.

"Hanna Banana" has begun eating solids, and not surprisingly, her favourite food right now is bananas. She smacks her lips when she is eating them and yells for more. She sits up for short periods. She is on the verge of mobility, she can hold her weight on her legs and she moves her way along the bed or floor like a caterpillar. She is eager to be running like her older siblings.

The past 6 months with Hanna have been an absolute delight. I am torn between wanting to see the wonderful girl she will become, and a desire to savour this perfect moment of her babyhood. But inevitably, time will have it's way. *sigh*


Melanie said...

Already? What a cutie!

kdionrn said...

She sure is beautiful. Your right, where did all the time go!