Monday, January 21, 2008


We have learned that the only reason to rake the leaves on a farm is so you can jump in them. After that, you get up, dust yourself off and wait for a windy day to clear the leaves for you.


Cakes said...

cute pictures!

Melanie said...

Good to see you posting again!

Jenni said...


I'm so glad you're posting again!

Melissa said...

what a beautiful family, Adri, You're truly blessed. I love all the pictures and thanks for uploading..I know that must have been painful with dial up. LOL

It's so sweet seeing all the kids together and how close they are, but also knowing the girls sort of have each other and Campbell is in the middle there, being their guide, but also close with his brothers and how Patrick is the big guy of the bunch, yet he's so sweet as well as strong. And Damon, what a hunk, a clown, and a wild ball of energy. LOL

Miss ya!@