Monday, April 28, 2008

Campbell turned 8. My sweet baby boy is not a baby boy anymore. He's a big, smart, hockey-playing boy! He's got a great sense of humour, but he also like order in his life.

He chose Boston Pizza for his birthday dinner after Kira's ballet and Patrick's track practice.

When asked what he wanted for his birthday, this quirky little man said, "Money, and food. Maybe a gift certificate for a grocery store so I can buy food." Despite what his slender build and constant requests for food might indicate, we do feed him, honestly! So food he got. He got money, candy, dried fruit, and boxes of cake mix and icing. He was thrilled! For his kid party next weekend, he's going to ask for food again, but this time he wants cans of Campbell's soup to donate to the food bank.


Melissa said...

oh my word, I missed his birthday, well everyone's really as I broke my laptop charger and getting on the TV puter is next to impossible!

I can't believe they kids are 8, I know I've said that, but I think some mild post partum depression after I weaned Jake has made some of the years a blur, because I think about how there's no way it could be 8 years already. I was enjoying his babyness and being so busy with special needs kids, periodic part time jobs, activities and life, that I didn't realize how much time was going by. Wow, I'm trying to stay fully present lately and in the small things.

Campbell is such a doll, but you know that. They're so cute, quite handsome really, but great, loving boys, well done Adri. His requests are funny, I find it interesting to compare what the kids want. I have to update my blog with Jake's birthday pics. I don't think they were that good this year, but I'll post them anyways. I still need to get this kid a party, he hasn't had one yet for school!!

I love the pics btw, those are good school pics.

I hope you had a great day Campbell and that this year is the best so far!!

Jenni said...

Sounds like he is a fun kid with a sweet and generous spirit! My oldest son loves to get FOOD for his birthday too (chips and dr. pepper, mostly...treats indeed).

I hope his eighth year is full of wonder and joy!